Friday, July 2, 2010


just finished watching Ep. 3 of True Blood (S3). and i thought i won't be able to finish it. 1 minuto na lang huminto pa yung video. a little click here and drag there saved the day. unfortunately i didn't like the episode. carry lang kung diko man sha natapos kanina.


i can't find a decent picture of Charice's gown during President Noynoy's  inauguration. So i just grabbed this pic from chuvaness.

snow white isdatchu????

everyone's blogging about the president's inauguration yesterday. all i can say is ....

goodluck pilipinas...
goodluck mr. president...
i won't be ninoy's best supporter but at least i won't add to the list of his detractors.
let's see what will happen in the phillipines in the next 6(?) years....



i was searching the net on how long the term of a president is when i stumbled on this site. The article which was posted in The Times of India described the Philippines as "corruption-wracked nation".

Ouch! truth hurts eh?

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