Sunday, July 25, 2010

walk it out

since we do not have a badminton session today i decided to walk (substitute exercise). anyhoo i alarmed my fon at 6am and was able to resist the temptation not to walk by 7 am.

at 7:30am i left my place and started walking.

there is a walk path near our apartment and it is a very good place for jogging/walking/running. the trail is covered with trees so the scorching heat of the sun is not a problem. vending machines with drinks are everywhere. unfortunately this place is not good for boylet-watching. puro thundercats ang ma-si-sight mo. unfortunately talaga :P

the trail

i noticed the sign just today. there's a nearby museum in our place :)

i reached the sports center (where we play badminton) and decided to do some rounds in the oval.

i was already thirsty and went home after the second round. i still have the energy to do a third one but i forgot to bring money to buy drinks. neks taym :)

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